Ytron Y Lab

Bench top laboratory Ytron mixing system, available with or without the bypass system

Applications: Mixing, Laboratory Scale Equipment

Ytron Y creates an axial jet stream. It rapidly and homogeneously mixes, without aeration, liquids up to a viscosity of approximately 50,000 mPa*s.
Vortex formation, normally associated with conventional agitators, is eliminated.

Key features:-
The Ytron Y mixing head with its built in vertical flow deflectors guides the jet stream, without rotation, far into the body of the product.
The rotor-stator principle, in combination with the stator tube, prevents any rotational stream and vortexing.
The robust construction does not require bearings or seals immersed in the liquids removing hygiene risks.
Drive motor power 0.25kW

Advantages of YTRON-Y Jet Mixing Turbine

Axial flow pattern
Perfectly homogenous mixing
No air entrainment
No sedimentation, even with heavy suspensions
Very short process times due to extremely rapid circulation in the container
No floating of product on the surface
Rapid mixing of entire container contents
No baffles / flow deflectors required, flow deflectors are integrated in stator
Low shear due to short residence time in the YTRON-Y mixing head
High shear design also available

Disadvantages of Conventional Agitators

Radial flow pattern (rotational flow)
Non-uniform and incomplete mixing
Vortex formation means significant aeration, (Possible result: Oxidation, change of colour, poor mixing, poor heat transfer)
Floating of powders on surface of liquids
Incomplete mixing of the vessel contents
Dead zones around the area of the baffles
Local shear forces, long process times

Ytron Y Lab

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