LaboControle VolumControl

The VolumControl system is used for the volumetric in-line sampling of powders and granules. A simple design for a quality sample.

Applications: Powder Sampling

The VolumControl is suitable for the sampling of powders out of the process flow at atmospheric pressure and can be mounted in a gravity line or on the wall of a silo/reactor. A Fully automatic version is also available.

Closed containment sampling for safe operation and environmental protection.

The VolumControl system is based on the principle of an air/air actuator where its pneumatic operation can be automated
An air cylinder extends a single moving plunger into material then immediately withdraws, carrying the sample of product. Sample sizes of 18, 50 or 100cc can be taken depending on the sampler selected.

The control unit adjusts the cycle rate to change the sampling volume/duration. Closed contamination free sample filling on any bottles/vials with an appropriate adapter. Accurate sampling is provided suitable for physical, chemical, biological analysis.

LaboControle VolumControl

LaboControle VolumControl

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