Quadro H20 High Energy Comil

Quadro Engineering has recently developed and introduced a breakthrough in cone milling technology resulting in a dramatic reduction in API particle size distributions previously unattainable by conical mills. The Quadro High Energy H20 Comil, with ground breaking re-engineered drives, spindles and new proprietary screen efficiency designs, can shift PSDs to finer particle targets by 30-70% Compared to other technologies, the H20 Comil is effective in producing narrower (tighter) particle size distribution spans, improving on-target milling by 30-60%. With the ability to control and shift PSDs - the H20 Comil allows manufacturers to maximize the amount of milled product within the desired target - reducing (and potentially eliminating) the need for screening over/under sized particles; resulting in less waste.

Applications: Size Reduction

Unique value-added customer benefits of the new H20 Comil

Unparalleled size reduction performance with conical milling technology

Typical particle size distribution in the 250 < d97 < 400┬Ám range

Ability to consistently control & shift particle size distribution targets

Higher throughput and yield than conventional mills of equivalent foot print

Narrower particle size distributions (less waste and less rework) than traditional milling

Improves on-target milling by 30-70%

Reduced need for screening over and under sized particles

Enhanced product flow with optional dosing valve eliminates pneumatic handling or product collectors

Compact in-line configuration with standard triclamp connections

Quick and easy access to product contact components which reduces cleaning and changeover times

Easily portable which provides flexibility to operate in non-dedicated suites, therefore reducing the need for multiple units

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