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Jumpers for Africa

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd have shipped over 65 hand knitted jumpers to put smiles on the faces of children of Africa in connection with the charity Tumaini.

During a visit to his cousin, Sue Adams, on the island of Sark a few years ago, Dudley Bradley, Executive Chairman of Ytron-Quadro learned of a group of local women knitting brightly coloured jumpers for children in Africa.

Seeing photos of children wearing the jumpers and the evident joy on their faces, Dudley’s wife Elizabeth Bradley decided to help and recruited several friends to join her in knitting as many jumpers in as many bright colours as possible.

During subsequent visits to Channel Islands, Elizabeth and Dudley have used their baggage allowance to bring the knitted jumpers across to Sark.

This year however the restrictions on travel due to the Corona Virus has meant that taking the knitwear in person was not possible despite the group knitting a record of 66 jumpers during the lockdown.

Ytron-Quadro decided that we would cover the cost of shipping the jumpers created by Elizabeth and her friends over to Sark this year. When the box arrived, Sue and her “knitting circle” were delighted and expressed their thanks to everyone for their help and generosity as well as YQ for shipping them over.

The jumpers were then sent from Sark over to Guernsey for an onward shipment to Africa. This has all been organised through the charity Tumaini. The charity was founded by David Karanja in 2004 and is a Non-Government Organisation who helps people in the low-level income, mainly in Kenya & Tanzania.

Please visit their website for more information: www.tumainifund.org

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