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Labocontrole Accessories

Labocontrole sampling devices for Powders, Liquids and Gases are designed to meet the specific requirements of raw and in process materials. With manual devices and automated samplers for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries all QA needs can be met

The Control-it Sampling Control Seals are based on a highly adhesive backing in order to repair sacks after sampling.

They are used to :
Ensure a perfect sealing of containers (paper or plastic bags, BigBags, …) after sampling, even if powder has been spilled on the surface
Avoid product spillage after the sampling and the risk of environmental contamination
Provide the inviolability of the packaging and avoid the risk of crossed contamination
Identify that sampling has been conducted: customized printed seal with specific text or colour marking available

Food grade
Food contact high adhesive HDPE film backing
Meeting applicable FDA and BGVV standards for direct contact with dry & moist, non-fatty food Alimentary
Conformity Declaration certified by the supplier

Super adhesive aluminium backing
Round labels – 95 mm diameter
Marking QUALITY CONTROL : white text on blue background 3 languages available
Rolls of 1000 pcs

Custom labels are available upon enquiry. You can choose your logo, texts, colours, sizes, backing, etc…
Please contact us to discuss your personal needs.

Sample Bottles
HDPE bottles with large bottle neck
Bottle made of high density polyethylene. PP screw cap 100% tight. Transport, boring and crushing resistant in accordance with IP2 standards.
Printed: material, minimal thickness of the bottle wall, volume, year of manufacturing, IP2 seal.
Temperature limits : +120C / -100C

PP bottles with small bottle neck
More rigid than polyethylenes
PP screw cap
Maximum temperature : +135C

Sampling Station
To help make sampling easy for the operator we really have thought of everything on the LaboControle sampling trolley:
clamp fixing for the probes
washing bottle holders
waste bin bag support
sampling label & tubing distributors
This sampling trolley is robust, light, and resistant to corrosion as it is manufactured from Stainless Steel
2 drawers, 2 guard rails on 3 sides, 4 75mm diameter castors (2 with foot- brakes), 4 round rubber bumpers
1 shaft with clamps allowing horizontal movement along 2 horizontal rails
1 fixing flange for the peristaltic pump
2 side rails with clamps to hold the probes

Dimensions: height – 1600mm, width – 750mm, depth – 500mm

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