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Labocontrole sampling devices for Powders, Liquids and Gases are designed to meet the specific requirements of raw and in process materials. With manual devices and automated samplers for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries all QA needs can be met

EasyProof samples liquid from a tank or drum up to a depth of 4m and viscosities up to 500cps.

This patented motor driven LaboControle sampler is completely portable and allows the vertical sampling, or crossing of layers of liquids, in drums or tanks up to a depth of 4m, 500cps viscosity and maximum temperatures of 50C, checking also for sedimentation in the bottom of containers.
It is made up of a peristaltic pump adapted to a removable, stainless steel cylinder with clip allowing easy connection of the probe to a battery powered drive motor with a switch for sampling or reverse for purging.

The peristaltic pump is fitted with a flexible PVC or Silicone 6/10 tubing and is the only part in contact with the liquid to be sampled and can be rinsed clean or even changed easily.
To help drop the hose into the liquid, a stainless steel nozzle can be fitted. The upend of the hose is placed into a sampling bottle located in a Stainless steel sampling basket adjustable in height below the pump.


  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Speed variations letting you control the rate of flow into the sampling bottle, thus avoiding the risk of spillage
  • Pneumatic/Explosion proof is available

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