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Labocontrole sampling devices for Powders, Liquids and Gases are designed to meet the specific requirements of raw and in process materials. With manual devices and automated samplers for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries all QA needs can be met.

The IsoControl for in-line volumetric sampling of liquids.

The IsoControl is widely used in the dairy industry to sample milk deliveries across a complete batch.

The IsoControl takes volumetric samples of liquids in-line, with a sampling volume per cycle of 0.5ml. The sampling bottle is screwed onto the adaptor piece for a secure and water tight fit. The sample bottles are available in volumes of 125ml, 250ml and 500ml. We can also provide customer made adaptors to fit specific sizes.

The IsoControl is easy to operate using the touch screen HMI available from LaboControle. The simple robust design requires little maintenance to minimise the downtime.

It also ensures consistent and reproducible sampling due to the minimisation of the dead volumes in the product.

All metallic parts are made of 316 stainless steel
O-rings are manufactured in Buna with FDA certificate. Other materials are available on request.

To see the IsoControl Sampling device YouTube video demonstration click here

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