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Quadro FlexSift

Quadro Engineering, the innovators of the Comil conical screen mill, continue to develop and innovate with new products such as the new Scalable Lab System, the SLS, the High Energy H20 Comil for API milling, the in line FlexSift for security screening and the F10 fine grinding mill. Quadro milling and vacuum transfer systems are used in a wide range of powder processing applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries.

Based on the established Quadro cone mill platform the FlexSift frange from Quadro gives high capacity safety screening and delumping

S20 Flexsift

S5 Flexsift

The Quadro FlexSift pre-screens material before entering downstream equipment protecting from contamination of final processed product and preventing damage caused by foreign material entering the process.

Principle of Operation

The infeed product is introduced into the 360 degree screen chamber, the rotation of which causes the powder to pass through the screen whilst unwanted oversize material is retained within the screen
Agglomerated material can be delumped using a breaker bar, ensuring maximised product recovery without modifying the core particle size.
Unwanted/tramp materials can then be removed at the end of the process.

Key features:-

  • High capacity screening.
  • Compact footprint compared to conventional sieve decks
  • Low noise
  • Modular design system for integration into new or existing processes.
  • No vibration
  • Bolted or TriClamp construction for high levels of containment
  • Easy clean design
  • Quick and simple screen change

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