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Ytron specialise in the design, innovation and manufacture of a range of mixers and homogenisers for the production of homogeneous, air free liquids pastes and suspensions, with over 40 years application experience in all areas of industry including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical processes.

The YTRON PID is a powder incorporation unit for “difficult to wet” powders such as CMC, Xanthan & Guar Gum.

These products are referred to as “difficult to wet” because of the immediate reaction taking place when they are in contact with water; individual particles of the hydrophilic polymer begin to swell causing the surfaces particles to cross-link to form a tough outer skin which prevents the completion of the hydration process.
This results in an agglomeration of particles which are wetted on the outside with a dry powder lump on the inside often known as “fisheyes”.

If you attempt to achieve a homogeneous dispersion by smoothing out the lumps by means of high shear methods, the polymer molecular chain may be broken which will effect the end result considerably by altering the characteristics of the final fully hydrated product.


The thickener or gelling agent is sucked out of a hopper, bigbag or a silo into an injection chamber where it is pre-wetted by the liquid phase. This pre-wetting process is guaranteed to happen without sticking.
The pre-wetted product is then forced to pass through the ZC Rotor/Stator which ensures a perfectly wetted out product in a single pass.
Sticking powders, deposits or lump formation on the contact surfaces of the powder/liquid injection chamber are totally eliminated during either continuous or short process intervals.

Advantages of YTRON-ZC PID
  • Extremely difficult to wet-out powders are processed without any problems
  • Free flowing powders mean that reproducible results will be achieved
  • Concentrations of over 20% can be achieved in one pass
  • Sticking, clogging or lump formation in the contact areas liquid/powder is totally avoided
  • The required concentration is achieved by the appropriate adjustment in the injection chamber
  • Powder consumption will be significantly reduced by the intense wetting out of the product
  • STRETCHING® of the molecular chain achieves a higher viscosity and therefore higher yields compared to conventional methods
  • Cleaning even between short process intervals and after a product change is totally unnecessary
  • Pre-wetting of the powders in the injection chamber without sticking
  • No damage of the product during process through the rotor/stator system, as the contact time takes only a fraction of a second
  • A pump installed downstream achieves the discharge of the uniform product even at high concentrations and viscosity
  • Sticking powders, desposits or lump formations are totally eliminated on both the contact surfaces of the “powder/liquid” injection chamber and in the dispersing reactor
  • Cleaning, even between short process intervals, is totally unnecessary
  • The required concentration is achieved by the appropriate adjustment of the injection chamber

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