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ZC ViscoTron

Ytron specialise in the design, innovation and manufacture of a range of mixers and homogenisers for the production of homogeneous, air free liquids pastes and suspensions, with over 40 years application experience in all areas of industry including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical processes.

The YTRON ZC can be uprgradred to a ZC ViscoTron by adding a positive displacement pump on the inlet and outler. The Viscotron has been developed to incorporate powders into viscous liquids as well as products with a high powder/liquid ratio.

The ViscoTron uses the same powder incorporation technology seen in the YTRON ZC but it has the addition of 2 positive displacement pumps for the product inlet and outlet.

Using the YTRON ZC ViscoTron is a huge benefit when adding large ratios of powder:liquid, even more so when the liquid is already high in viscosity. Using a single pass or re-circulation loop, we can achieve a powder/liquid ratio of up to 50%.

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