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Yeo Valley Farms - Crewkerne

As part of a new facility which was being design and installed by Sycamore Process Engineering, Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd have supplied three large YTRON Y directed jet mixers for mixing a highly viscous yogurt base.

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd have recently supplied 3 large YTRON-Y directed jet mixers to Yeo Valley Farms Production. These 55 kW mixers are installed in 45,000 litre and 100,000 litre vessels in the Crewkerne facility containing a highly viscous yogurt base.

The YTRON-Y units were part of the new facility completed by the Somerset based engineering company, Sycamore Process Engineering.

The YTRON-Y mixers ensure a homogeneous mix throughout the whole batch. As part of the design process, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations were carried out by YTRON to ensure the size, design and installation position of the YTRON-Y mixers were optimised for the most efficient and effective mixing.

Due to the size of the mixers, a special design has been used to allow maintenance of seals without the need to remove the large/heavy motor.

Yeo Valley Farms Production have been using YTRON equipment within their factories in Blagdon, Cannington and Newton Abbott for mixing, dispersing and for “smoothing” of certain yogurts since the 1990’s. This includes the YTRON-Z inline rotor/stator homogeniser and YTRON-Y units for various uniform mixing applications such as the mixing of fruit into yogurt as recently shown on the BBC program “Inside the Factory”.

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