Quadro Comil

The Quadro Comil is the original cone mill (conical screen mill) for uniform size reduction, deagglomeration, dispersing and mixing

The Comil has become the standard across many industries for size reduction and deagglomeration.

Typical applications are: coarse grinding and chopping of dry material, size reduction of wet material, de-lumping of agglomerated wet or dry material, pulverising, solid blending, granulating compacted material, processing slurries and liquids, processing and conditioning wet and dry materials, pureeing and emulsifying.

  • Size reduction for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries
  • Capacities from a few grams to several tons/h
  • Wide range of blades available
  • CIP/WIP and cGMP designs for the pharmaceutical applications
  • Reduced explosion hazard with milling in an inert atmosphere (ATEX)
  • Customised design to suit specific process needs
  • Automated controls, if required designed to be compliant to GAMP 5.0 and 21 CFR part 11

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