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VMI, with over 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing mixing technology lead the way in the mixing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions. The equipment range includes laboratory scale mixers for atmospheric and vacuum mixing requirements and large scale vacuum processing systems

The VMI TRILAB is a versatile R&D tool for the preparation of creams and pastes with integrated vacuum system, melting, heating, and cooling. The TRILAB mimics the larger production TRIMIX and can be used for small scale production and product development

Principle of Operation

The integrated mixing tools of the TRILAB gives three independently controllable actions with the surface scraper, rotor/stator and central agitation impeller.
Powders and liquids can be introduced from above or directly into the rotor/stator high shear head under vacuum. Internal circulation from the agitation impeller ensures all product is evenly mixed and is circulated to the shear head.
Surface scraping blades ensure interchange of product at the vessel wall giving efficient heating or cooling as required.

Available with a range of options for increased versatility.

Key features:-

  • Fully scalable to production sized TRIMIX
  • Compact design for laboratory use
  • Can be used for small scale production
  • Designed for extremely high product recovery
  • Simple hand feed and vacuum product entry
  • Designed for easy clean and simple removal of tooling
  • No external recirculation loop gives full control of mixing and minimises losses

Typical applications for the TRILAB

  • Viscous, Pasty products
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical creams and pastes
  • Formulation development and small product manufacturing

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