Ytron Y ByPass

Ytron specialise in the design, innovation and manufacture of a range of mixers and homogenisers for the production of homogeneous, air free liquids pastes and suspensions, with over 40 years application experience in all areas of industry including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical processes.

Ytron-Y directed jet mixer with ByPass uses the axial flow of fluids through the Y rotor stator head to generate suction drawing the powders or liquids directly into the mixing zone for rapid dispersion without aeration


The YTRON Y ByPass uses all the benefits from the YTRON Y Directed Jet Mixer but provides a better and more efficient was of dispersing or incorporating powders into liquids. With the addition of the ByPass tube, you can now add powders directly into the mixing head of the YTRON Y, ensuring all of the powder is immediately wetted and dispersed. This helps speed up mixing times as well as reducing the dust created from other conventional methods.

By using the YTRON Y technology, the powders are immediately dispersed and homogeneously mixed around the tank.

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