Scalable Lab System

Quadro Engineering, the innovators of the Comil conical screen mill, continue to develop and innovate with new products such as the new Scalable Lab System (SLS), the High Energy H20 Comil for API milling, the in line FlexSift for security screening and the F10 fine grinding mill. Quadro mills are used in a wide range of powder processing applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries.

The Quadro Comil is the original conical screen mill for uniform size reduction, deagglomeration, dispersion and mixing and is available in Laboratory bench top scale ideal for product R&D

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Principle of Operation

The infeed product is introduced into the conical screen chamber and the rotating impeller imparts a vortex flow pattern to the incoming material.
The material is then forced to the screen surface by centrifugal acceleration, ensuring continuous delivery into the action zone between the screen and impeller.
In the action zone, the material is sized or size reduced and instantaneously discharged through the screen openings. The finished product is discharged at the bottom of the milling chamber. Particle size can be optimised by screen, impeller and/or speed selection

Click here to see an animation of the Comil Underdrive design (8MB)

Click here to see an animation of the Comil within an isolator (25MB)

Soft, sticky and high moisture content products can be processed using the Quadro Comil.

Key features:-

  • Fully scaleable to production sized Comils.
  • Compact design for laboratory use
  • Can be used for small scale production
  • Minimised product hold up and losses
  • Simple hand feed design
  • Easily integrated into glovebox containment and mini systems
  • Full range of screens and tooling available

Typical applications for the Comil

  • Dry powder deagglomeration and size reduction.
  • Sizing and grading of powders.
  • Wet mass granulation for efficient and even drying.


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